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And Now... The Joker Beast

I vote Week 2 doesn't count. Who's with me? Anybody?


Double yes?

Ah, forget it.

Moving on to the first installment of a new fun segment from yours truly. Jay Leno has his headlines. The Fantasy Psychic has...well, the psychic stuff. I present HEADLINES FROM THE FUTURE. I predict the following headlines to appear on newspapers throughout the country on Monday morning. (This should be particularly interesting to you, Light It Up.)

Boldin Is Golden

Jennings' Big Winnings

Bowe Rakes In The Dough

Schaub Does The Job

Bush Runs All Up In The Goosh

Cadillac Drives A Hundred Yards And Back

Beanie Is A Genie

Gates' Traits Seals L.I.U.'s Fate

Packers Break 'Em Like Crackers

Chris Johnson Goes Down, Son!

Moss Crucified On Cross

McNabb Grabs A Cab

Touchdown Hatin Slaton

Benson Plays For Cincin, No Wins Then

Gonzalez Hits A Wallz

Harvin Left Starvin'

Giants Are Non-compliant


Who The Hell Is Mark Sanchez?

Check your local papers.

~J-Beast out!~

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Light It Up (Anton Maclin) says,
Sep 24, 2009 11:46:00 PM PST
Well I won't spend a lot of time on this one. I'll say this though. You might have to change your name. Joker, you're definitely that A beast, probably not The joker will go up in flames this week in a laugher